Our Profile

LEADERSHIP EDUCATION TRUST (LET) is a charitable organization dedicated to help and support the students in getting free education in college. LET is one of the support unit working under the patronage of leadership college.


LEADERSHIP COLLEGE (LC) is one of the leading and established college in the country. LC started its humble beginning in 2005 in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sialkot and Multan with its mission to meet the demand of quality education in Pakistan, and today it has 12 registered campuses at 6 different locations all over Punjab with over 5000 students and growing.


At LC, we offer Intermediate, Bachelors and Masters Program with utmost emphasis on self-development, higher-order thinking skills, cross-curricular understandings, collaboration, creativity, real-world problem-solving abilities and leadership skills that appropriately challenged all students.


Leadership College provides financial support to those students who are academically gifted and deserving students. Over the last five years, LC has given scholarships worth Rs. 35 Million to at leasthip 1000 deserving students in the entire network apart from the fee concession awarded to low income families. Academic rewards are also part of the scheme provided to students who receives academic distinction in the Provincial Board Examinations.


With this objective of helping many students in Punjab, Leadership college has created a platform that would provide opportunity to many students desiring to continue their education through leadership education trust (LET).


Leadership EDUCATION TRUST …Driving force

Many of our young generation dream and aspire to get higher education and transform their life to a better one.


In Pakistani society, poverty and illiteracy rate are interdependent factors. Since the government has already free education program on its schedule for the students in junior and senior school level, The college level students also require attention to keep up with the demanding circumstances.


In most cases, girls education is not the priority of the family due to financial circumstances. As the old saying says ‘give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation’.


It is our social responsibility to join hands and work for the cause of education, which is the most arresting issue of Pakistan.


We believe that we all have a role to play in the transformation of our society and in turn making their dreams and aspirations a reality.


Our Aim

Our AIM is to support and educate students, who HAVE ACADEMIC POTENTIAL and desire to go to college but due to some adverse financial reasons, are not able to continue their education at Intermediate and graduation level.


Our goal is to HELP decrease the drop out rate at college level IN PUNJAB AND TRANSFORM THE LIFE OF OUR STUDENTS TO A BETTER ONE.







Vision of Leadership EDUCATION TRUST (let)

Leadership EDUCATION TRUST IS committed to innovative solutions to alleviate poverty through education. It is our belief that through education, we can transform the society and impacts our country and the world.


Leadership EDUCATION TRUST aims to help and support boys and girls to continue their higher education and become responsible citizens of our country. We also hope that every students who will complete their education at leadership college can contribute to the success of our country in their own way.







Work Plan

To achieve our goal, Leadership EDUCATION TRUST will seek support from an individual, family, corporation and company in taking the responsibility of providing educational expenses of the students desiring to continue their education but cannot afford it due to their financial circumstances.


Sponsorship plan for two years program per student;

  • First Year = $ 250
  • Second Year= $ 250
  • Total = $ 500 (Two years program)


The progress report and feedback of each students will be provided to the supporters on regular basis.




Ensures a helping hand to the underprivileged segment of our society in its capacity to bring out a positive change.