WHO Are We?

Leadership College (LC) is one of the leading and established college in the country. LC started its humble beginning in 2005 and has captured big market share during a short span of time. LC believes in equipping the students with a strong academic foundation, excellent life skills and leadership qualities in nurturing environment.


At LC we offer Intermediate and Bachelors Program with utmost emphasis on self-development, higher-order thinking skills, cross-curricular understandings, collaboration, creativity, and real-world problem-solving abilities that appropriately challenged all students. To cater to the needs and demands of the society, LC has exclusive campuses for boys and exclusive campuses for girls where they can freely express one self, explore, collaborate and compete in a healthy and conducive environment.










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We Provide

We provide comprehensive assistance on training, recruitment and marketing through our Support System.


Our Franchise System is created to bring you the best of the Leadership College:


  • Step-by-step franchisee support
  • Complete feasibility
  • Comprehensive operations manual
  • Training in academics, operations, marketing and managerial skills
  • Recruitment and selection support
  • Ongoing quality control
  • Strategy formation, business plan, advertising and marketing support





Contact: 0302 3013222,0346-6285451   Email:

Application Process

Our Franchise System is created to bring you the best of the Leadership College:




Contact: 0302 3013222,0346-6285451   Email:


Benefits of being a franchisee


  • E-Portal for students, staff and Administration
  • Complete Academic Support
  • Administrative and HR Support
  • Business Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Nationwide Marketing Support







Contact: 0302 3013222,0346-6285451  Email:

Reasons to start a Leadership College Franchise

1. Established Brand;

  • Become a part of Pakistan’s fastest growing college chain
  • Gain from the goodwill of the Leading Brand name in the Education industry
  • Receive academic support of a Corporate establishment with years of Experience

2. Proven Success & Promising future;

  • Enjoy the reputation of the fastest growing institute of Pakistan
  • Highest success rates in the private sector of Pakistan
  • Enjoy stable venture irrespective of economic cycles

3. Technology Support;

  • IT support, with web based software on Student Learning and Information Management System
  • Unique online academic and business support

4. Research Based Organization;

  • Gain from the rich experience of Foreign Qualified Educationists
  • Learn from our experience and avoid costly start-up mistakes
  • • Stay updated with continuous monitoring & up gradation of the system as per the changing needs

5. Excellent returns and satisfaction;

  • No Hidden Costs
  • Centralized designs & marketing material
  • Corporate buying power, pooled advertising costs and assistance in negotiations resulting in cost reduction



Contact:0302 3013222,0346-6285451  Email: