Research shows that simulation testing helps you prepare for the main event, whether it be chopping wood or kicking a football. Keeping this approach in mind at LCN we conduct Mock Exams in all campuses before the Board/University Exams.


At LCN Mock Exams are created through the simulation of exam patterns and test-taking environment in order to:


  • Help students’ device ways to adapt their strategy according to the Board/University pattern quickly and effectively.
  • Help Students win their anxiety by exercising self-control so many times before the actual Exams.
  • Help Students decide which topics to concentrate on in order to move up by a hundred or a thousand students.


This is, at this stage, the best way to improve Students’ percentile in Board/University Exams. Moreover, a thorough investigation of mock Exams can motivate students to look for more innovative ways of solving certain questions which will save time in actual Board/University Exams.