Career Guidance and Counseling

“Know Yourself and your worth”


This adage of Hazrat Ali is all about what career counseling is. It is directed towards intra -knowledge of self and its true subjectivity. It is a peep into the potential capabilities of a person.

Each individual is a unique creation and holds immense potential of creativity and innovation. He can play an important role in some sphere of life .Career counseling is basically a good match making between objective reality of profession and subjectivity of talents and aptitudes.


The primary purpose of Career Counseling and Career Placement is to explore and direct students to their potential occupations.


LCN provides one-on-one assistance in exploration and decision making tasks, from choosing an occupation to transition into the world of work or further professional training. LCN aims to bridge the job market and various academic department through joint session and collaborative networking.


There is a dire need of Career Counseling and Career Placement at this stage to provide utmost assistance and guidance to our students. We believe that if students are properly directed and advised about their career objectives in time, there would not be much unemployment and wastage of precious education.


Finding your first job carefully is an essential step in starting your career. At LCN, we will make sure that you are properly counseled in the right direction and excel in your future career.



Goals / Aims and Objectives

Our Goal:


To Provide Assistance and Guidance to students of L.C.N for making their career choices, academic planning and exploring future professions and placement opportunities.




  • To help students make appropriate and realistic career choices and career direction.
  • To guide students to develop their academic career interests in line with their short or long term goals.
  • To give awareness regarding internship programs offered by government, semi govt and private organizations .e.g.
  • To look for the range of career profiles for students.
  • To help students prepare for interview and develop their communication skills.
  • To organize various activities such as seminars / workshops / lectures for the skill training of the students.






Center for Guidance and Career Counseling


LCN has recently established its Guidance and Career Counseling center (GCC). Upon establishment, the first step taken was “Students’ Need Assessment Analysis”. Based on the data gathered and the areas highlighted, various training sessions have been conducted so as to help students develop employability skills. In the future this system will also have a complete database of career counseling related areas. Students would be able to access all the relevant content related to guidance and career counseling on LCN Official Website as well as in SLIMS. Further, students will also get a chance to explore opportunities of higher education, internships, jobs and research collaboration.